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Mural Fever – How Kiev Is Flexing Its Street Art Muscles

With colossal murals emerging all over the city, Kiev has gone full Oprah on becoming the godzilla of street art in Europe. Here's my selection of the most jaw-dropping pieces.

chernobyl bumper cars

Toxic Chernobyl – Into the Dead Zone

It was the worst nuclear disaster in history, spewing massive amounts of radioactive particles into the atmosphere and prompting the...


Namibian Desert Road Trip Music

Namibia is the holy grail of dramatic landscapes. So, I’ve created a playlist of great African music that will set the mood for an epic desert road trip while taking in the captivating beauty of Namibia.


Deadvlei Valhalla – Fatal Attraction in the Namibian Desert

Unleash your inner Mad Max in the surreal sand dunes of the Namib desert. Read all about the arduous hike up to Big Daddy or wander around Deadvlei like J-Lo did.


The Brooklyn Guide to Maboneng Precinct – Johannesburg’s Bright New Star

Mimicking Brooklyn's strategy of urban revitalisation, Maboneng has become a flourishing cultural oasis in Johannesburg. This guide will cover all the exciting spots in the heart of South Africa’s vibrant metropolis. Godspeed you urban explorers!


The Urban Renaissance of the Maboneng Precinct

The 21st-century reboot of downtown Johannesburg, with the Maboneng precinct at the epicenter of it all, is a far cry from the fearsome reputation it used to have. However, the controversial process of gentrification has a fundamental impact on Maboneng’s current development.

Dill Reykjavik

Eat Like a Local | The Best Food Spots in Reykjavik

Offering both authentic Icelandic cuisine and finger-licking fried madness, here’s my selection of Reykjavik’s foodie institutions that will get you through the day.


Top 15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland scores pretty high on the World’s Beard and Mustache Index, but they’re the undisputed leader when it comes to waterfalls. No doubt. Remove those skeptical eyebrows and take a look at Iceland's most mesmerizing waterfalls.


The Ultimate Reykjavik Craft Beer Guide

The beer culture in Iceland has made a quantum leap over the past years. In this guide we explore the outstanding Reykjavik craft beer scene.

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