Top 15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland scores pretty high on the World’s Beard and Mustache Index, but they’re the undisputed leader when it comes to waterfalls. No doubt. Remove those skeptical eyebrows and take a look at Iceland's most mesmerizing waterfalls.

Sheep gathering in Iceland

Iceland Road Trip – Chapter Four: Bloody Sheep Invasion

The last part of our 14-day road trip. In the East Fjords we visit Europe's most powerfull waterfall and experience the otherwordly beauty of the Northern lights. Then we meet Justin Bieber at a glacial lagoon before getting shitfaced at the annual Sheep Gathering Festival.


Iceland Road Trip – Chapter Two: Rotten Shark Attack

Second part of a 14-day road trip through Iceland. We try rotten shark and cursed Belgian waffles in the Westfjords. To purify our system we unwind at one of Europe’s most remote corners for a detox break.