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chernobyl bumper cars

Toxic Chernobyl – Into the Dead Zone

It was the worst nuclear disaster in history, spewing massive amounts of radioactive particles into the atmosphere and prompting the...


Namibian Desert Road Trip Music

Namibia is the holy grail of dramatic landscapes. So, I’ve created a playlist of great African music that will set the mood for an epic desert road trip while taking in the captivating beauty of Namibia.


Deadvlei Valhalla – Fatal Attraction in the Namibian Desert

Unleash your inner Mad Max in the surreal sand dunes of the Namib desert. Read all about the arduous hike up to Big Daddy or wander around Deadvlei like J-Lo did.

Sheep gathering in Iceland

Iceland Road Trip – Chapter Four: Bloody Sheep Invasion

The last part of our 14-day road trip. In the East Fjords we visit Europe's most powerfull waterfall and experience the otherwordly beauty of the Northern lights. Then we meet Justin Bieber at a glacial lagoon before getting shitfaced at the annual Sheep Gathering Festival.


The Perfect Playlist For An Unforgettable Road Trip In Iceland

Iceland is one of the most photogenic countries on the planet and the best way to take in the stark beauty of the island is organizing a self-drive tour. All you need now is a matching soundtrack that captures the solitude and emptiness of Iceland’s untouched nature.


Iceland Road Trip – Chapter Three: Moon Safari

In the third act of our road trip we battle the overwhelming power of nature and meet the devil in human form, Björk. We visit a brewery in Akureyri and explore vulcanoes, craters and lava fields around Myvatn.


Iceland Road Trip – Chapter Two: Rotten Shark Attack

Second part of a 14-day road trip through Iceland. We try rotten shark and cursed Belgian waffles in the Westfjords. To purify our system we unwind at one of Europe’s most remote corners for a detox break.


Iceland Road Trip – Chapter One: A Tale Of Puffins And Hot Dogs

In the first chapter we test the best hot dogs of Reykjavik with Bill Clinton and take a trip to the centre of the earth in Snæfellsnes. Our mission: have a meet and greet with the Atlantic puffin.