Namibian Desert Road Trip Music

namibian desert road trip music

On the South Western coast of Africa, where thundering waves of the icy Atlantic crash on the blood-red dunes of the world’s oldest desert, one country holds the Holy Grail of dramatic landscapes – Namibia.

Rugged yet fragile, barren but magical, travellers from all over the world flock to Namibia to witness its ethereal beauty. Natural wonders such as the mighty Fish River Canyon, the gargantuan rolling dunes of Sossusvlei or the dilapidated ghost town of Kolmanskop, all are pure eye candy.

And thornbush savannas packed with African game or mountainous valleys, crisscrossed by ancient riverbeds and dotted with acacia trees – a trip through Namibia is without a doubt one of the world’s greatest road adventures. The least densely populated country in the world (after Mongolia) is like a coffee-table book come to life.

However, no road trip in Namibia is complete without a solid playlist of songs that embodies the frontier spirit of travelling on lonely desert roads. So, I’ve put together a collection of songs that will set the mood for a great desert trip while taking in the captivating beauty of Namibia.

Road trip tip: don’t open your windows on gravel roads, unless you’re going to the Namib Comic-Con and want to look like Hellboy.

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