Mural Fever – How Kiev Is Flexing Its Street Art Muscles

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Street art Mecca

With an abundance of monumental murals spread out over the city, Kiev has gone full Oprah on becoming the godzilla of street art in Europe.

Since the Euromaidan protests of 2014, giant canvasses have been appearing on the streets of the Ukrainian capital. From politically inspired pieces made by locals to large-scale paintings by renowed international artists, all reflect the youthful vitality and national spirit of today’s Kiev.

The emerging street art boom has added colour and contemporary character to the otherwise dreary panorama of Kiev’s post-modern and Soviet-era architecture, breathing new life in the rapidly transforming city.

Depicting picturesque Ukrainian landscapes, historic figures or associations with the city’s recent geopolitical upheaval, Kiev’s mural mania has gained worldwide recognition by the international street art scene.

New murals emerge on the city’s buildings so quickly it’s hard to tell the actual number. But Ukrainian blogger Sergii Gryshkevych has created an interactive map with all the colossal murals of Kiev.

Here’s a selection of the most jaw-dropping pieces I’ve seen in Europe’s street art mecca.

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