Top 15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland

Most Beautiful Waterfalls Iceland
When it comes to water, Iceland has an abundance of it – in all forms. Be it natural hot springs, exploding geysers, volcanic crater lakes, glacier lagoons or idyllic waterfalls, Iceland has plenty.

Being located at the confluence of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, Iceland has a much milder climate than its name and location adjacent to the Arctic circle would imply.

The temperate climate produces frequent rain and snow, while the near-Arctic location provides the ideal condition to form large ice caps and glaciers. When snow and ice melt in summer, streams of water plunges down over numerous ridges creating powerful waterfalls. As a result, Iceland is home to more than 10.000 waterfalls and rivals any other country in sheer power and raw beauty.

The falls range from wide river-type monsters (e.g. Dettifoss and Gullfoss) to tall and narrow ones (e.g. Glymur and Hengifoss). Other types include horseshoe (e.g. Goðafoss), horsetail (e.g. Háifoss), trapezoidal (e.g. Dynjandi) and rectangular shapes (e.g. Skógafoss).

Wherever you are in Iceland you are always in close proximity to a mesmerising waterfall. And a lot of them are easily accessible from the Ring Road. In fact, it seems everywhere you turn there are stunning falls to be seen. We certainly did during our road trip.

Anyway, here is my top 15-selection of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland:

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This way you’ll be informed about the best Iceland has to offer.

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